63-25 Dry Harbor Road
Middle Village, New York


A traditional synagogue that has served the Middle Village community for over 80 years. Our services are Modern Orthodox and are open to all!


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Monday:   10AM - 2PM

Tuesday:    10AM - 2PM

Thursday:  10AM - 2PM

Saturday:  930AM - 1PM

Our Story...

The Jewish Center of Forest Hills West was established in 1935 and has served the Middle Village community for over 80 years. Our congregation is small, warm, friendly, and diverse, including—among others—members of Russian, Moroccan, and Hungarian decent. Of course, all are welcome, regardless of background or sect. 


We are a non-egalitarian, Traditional synagogue with an active Hebrew school program. Our Modern Orthodox services, held every Shabbat and on holidays, are vibrant and meaningful, with lunch served every Saturday after morning services. 


We have an active board of directors who are always coordinating events, building programs, and striving to improve our members’ experience.

'40s Throwback!

JCFHW #Facts

Services Led By:

Cantor Roman Yakubov and Ruben Pinhasov.

Size and Character of Congregation:

100, Non-egalitarian Traditional,

with a Modern Orthodox service.


Scheduled Service:

Every Friday evening, Saturday morning, and on holidays.


What Makes the Congregation Special:

Warm, friendly group of congregants.

Most Dedicated Volunteer:

Paula Braun

Largest Service Turnout:

On high holy days.

Most Prized Possession:

Our beautiful sanctuary.

Most memorable service:

Every Friday night we have Friday Night Family Service (Erev Shabbat).

Biggest Issue: 

This is no longer a Jewish neighborhood and maintaining our size is a challenge. We are starting to see Jewish families returning to the neighborhood however.

Funniest/Strangest Moment During Service:

Previous cantor David Presler's wedding. The cantor had a vegan wedding which included six singing cantors, a dog as a guest and the cantor's father and father-in-law performed the wedding.

Longest-attending Members:

Sidney Weiss.


Most Popular After-service Gathering Spot:

Luncheon every Saturday after services in the ballroom.

Our Board Members

Our Spiritual Leaders